[SOLVED] IRAC Legal Writing

In a two- to four-page MS Word document submit: ·         IRAC brief ·         Compare and contrast analysis Proper Bluebook citations are required. Assignment Directions Step 1: Use NexisUni to locate the following case: 531 U.S. 32. Step 2: Read and brief the case in Step 1, above, using the IRAC method. Step 3: Review the following factual pattern: Your client, Gideon Goodtime, was celebrating his birthday at The Watering Hole with his friends. On the way out to his car, an unidentified patron spilled his double shot of tequila on Gideon’s pants. Gideon was stopped at a checkpoint. The State of Ohio indicated that the checkpoint was set up to verify license and registrations. However, when Gideon was stopped at the checkpoint, the officer detected the smell of alcohol and asked him to get out of the car. While complying with the field sobriety tests, a small bag containing a white, powdery, substance fell out of Gideon’s pocket.  Gideon was arrested. He wants your firm to file suit on the basis that the checkpoint violated his Fourth Amendment rights. Step 4: Compare and contrast the facts of the case you found in Step 1, above, to the facts pattern in Step 3, Gideon Goodtime. Step 5: Submit your two- to four-page MS Word document containing your IRAC brief, and your compare and contrast analysis.

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[SOLVED] IRAC Legal Writing
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