[SOLVED] Qualitative and Quantitative Study

This is a brief summary of a fictitious phenomenological qualitative study. Read the summary and then respond to the questions that follow. Remember when you are looking at a qualitative study and there is a question about certain components, be sure to examine the type and methods used in that study. The type and methods of each study do reveal if certain components are utilized.Rose investigated nurses’ use of humor in their clinical practice. She believed that humor was an important, but underutilized resource in nurse–patient relationships. The purpose of Rose’s phenomenological study was to explore nurses’ experiences in using humor in their nursing practice. Thirteen registered nurses who worked on medical-surgical units in a university hospital participated in the study. The nurses were interviewed in depth about their experiences using humor in their clinical practice. The interviews were tape recorded and then transcribed for data analysis. Rose used Colaizzi’s method of data analysis. First, she extracted 110 significant statements from the transcripts and then formulated meanings for each statement. The formulated meanings were grouped into five themes that described the essence of the experience of humor in nursing practice. These five themes are below: 1. Humor played a significant role in helping the nurse cope with difficult situations and difficult patients.2. Humor created cohesiveness among the nurses themselves and also between the nurses and their patients.3. Humor was used as an effective therapeutic communication technique.4. Humor was, at times, planned and routine; at other times, unexpected and spontaneous.5. Sharing a humorous experience resulted in lasting effects for both nurses and their patients.Short-Answer Questions Please list your question and answers on a Word document. You must use critical thinking and some investigation of the reading materials to answer some of these questions.a. What was the phenomenon that Rose investigated in this qualitative study? b. Was this study a descriptive or interpretive phenomenological study?c. Was Colaizzi’s data analysis method appropriate for a phenomenological study? Give a reason for your answer.d. Explain how you would rate the quality of this study? Provide evidence with a few sentences.e. Would any of the themes be considered exemplars? Give a reason for your answer.f. Could any of the themes be considered a BSP? Give a reason for your answer.g. Should the five themes be organized into a taxonomy? Give a reason for your answer.

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[SOLVED] Qualitative and Quantitative Study
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