[SOLVED] Special Education Support Services

The purpose of these observations is to help students become familiar with various special education support services within schools.  This includes classrooms designated as resource, self-contained, inclusion and general education.  Due to the recent closings of schools, you will be watching videos of classroom observations published by school districts and other learning institutions for the purpose of teacher training. You will be assigned a small study group with 2 other classmates to discuss, collaborate and support one another throughout the course and on these final assignments.   While these videos won’t replace the invaluable experience of spending time in classroom settings, they will allow for a taste of different teaching styles and student learning needs. You are encouraged to view these with a lens of constructive encouragement/criticism.  The final three projects for this course in Module 9 will be based on your observations of these videos. Part A: 1 Hour Classroom Video Observations , 3 Summaries, Group Discussion Summary Students will view observation videos in at least 3 different classroom settings (resource, self-contained, inclusion, general education) as well as at least 1 of the provided TED talks. (See Video Resource List below) You are required to take independent observation notes for each video you select as a group.  You will be focusing on teaching style, student engagement, and the classroom environment.  Once you have shared your observation notes with your group (via google docs, zoom, etc) each group member will create a summary for 3 videos depicting 3 classroom settings (self-contained, resource, and inclusion).   You do not have to write a summary for every video viewed, just 3 classroom types.  These observation summaries will be posted in the In-Depth Study drop box.  A Summary of the group discussion and process will be posted in the In-Depth Study drop box by each member of the group.  Post your summary in the In Depth Study Drop Box. Create an observation log that list the videos viewed, URL link to video, and time viewed.  Post your log to the In-Depth Study drop box. Part B: IEP Analysis The IEP component of this assignment is meant to familiarize you with IEP’s and the IEP process.  While we would typically have you review a student’s IEP at your observation site, you will still have the opportunity to explore the components of an IEP.  Choose and review one of the following videos to get a feel for an IEP meeting. Include this viewing on your observation log.    11 minute IEP meeting with moderator 12 minute IEP meeting program and services 9.5 minute middle school meeting 12 tips for a successful IEP meeting – recommended 9 minute IEP meeting – recommended Do’s and Don’ts on IEP Meetings   Find a sample IEP online and analyze the sample by completing the IEP Analysis Template.   You can also choose from the following list of sample IEP’s: https://instrc.indiana.edu/pdf/resources/REVISED%20Transition%20IEP%20Example%20Learning%20Disability%202-27-15.pdf http://depts.washington.edu/lend/building_skills_files/5%20IEP%20C%20%20Sample_Distance%20Learners%20for%20webposting_2-2017.pdf https://www.additudemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/10218_For-Parents_a-sample-iep-for-an-elementary-school-student.pdf http://www.edugains.ca/resourcesSpecEd/IEP&Transitions/Samples/Elementary/E-Behaviour.pdf   Include the link to the IEP you used in your submitted analysis.  Post the completed IEP Analysis to the In-Depth Study drop box.   Part C: UDL Lesson Plan The UDL lesson plan that you create will be tailored to the needs of the student whose IEP you have reviewed. Use the UDL Lesson Plan Template .docx to guide your lesson plan.  Submit the completed UDL lesson template to the In-Depth Study drop box. Remember to include the assessment to be used for measuring your lesson’s objectives.     Following is a resource list of classroom observation videos and Ted Talks for your group to choose from in creating one hour of viewing time.  Remember to view videos from at least three different classroom settings and a TED Talk, totaling at least 1 hour of observation time.    Video Resources     Classroom Observation Videos    Mrs Kelly’s Spec Ed Class – Elementary    Mrs. Brown Resource Classroom – Elementary  Inclusion and Collaboration Teacher Interviews TED Talks Stella Young: “I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much” https://youtu.be/8K9Gg164Bsw Rosie King: “How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself” https://youtu.be/jQ95xlZeHo8 Caroline Casey: “Looking Past Limits” https://youtu.be/YyBk55G7Keo How I Helped Make Lego Accessible to the Blind https://www.ted.com/talks/matthew_shifrin_how_i_helped_make_lego_accessible_to_the_blind The Cost of Failing to Design Accessibly https://www.ted.com/talks/kings_floyd_the_cost_of_failing_to_design_accessibly 3 Things I Learned From My Intellectually Disabled Son https://www.ted.com/talks/emilie_weight_3_things_i_learned_from_my_intellectually_disabled_son Compare and Contrast Classroom Settings Paper Assignment    Due August 30 at 11:59 PM    Starts Jul 22, 2020 2:39 PM Compare and Contrast Classroom Settings Group Project   Instructions  The purpose of this assignment is to assist students in understanding the different classroom environments of their students in order to be an effective advocate for inclusion of students with disabilities.   As a group, look over the list of videos you chose for the In-Depth Study and choose 2 classroom settings to compare and contrast. You will compare/contrast an inclusion classroom to a special education classroom (self-contained, resource, low incidence/other disabilities classroom (K-12).   As you compare and contrast these 2 classroom settings in your group discussions, identify how each classroom supports students with disabilities and if there are areas that need improvement.   Even though you will discuss your findings and observations with your group, each group member will write their own three to five page paper that addresses the following topics for each classroom.   1) Introduction: Two classrooms that are to be observed Include classroom type, grade, number of students, types of disabilities seen in the classroom and any environmental descriptors about the classroom. 2) Describe any adaptations and accommodations observed (supports for students with disabilities) 3) Describe any behavior management or techniques observed 4) Personal Impressions/Critique (of methods and practices observed) 5) Observations related to class and readings (Include at least 5 things). Be specific – what specific things did you observe that matched something from the text, discussions, or videos? For example, did you observe a teaching method that you read about in the text? 6) Conclusion: What was learned about different environments/classrooms in special education through observations?

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[SOLVED] Special Education Support Services
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