[SOLVED] Terrorism and Political Violence

Please see attachment for the articles for the discussion below. Please only use this three articles. Henda Y. Hsu & Robert Apel (2015) “A Situational Model of Displacement and Diffusion Following the Introduction of Airport Metal Detectors,” Terrorism and Political Violence, 27:1, 29-52   Thomas J. Holt, Joshua D. Freilich & Steven M. Chermak (2017) Internet-Based Radicalization as Enculturation to Violent Deviant Subcultures, Deviant Behavior, 38:8, 855-869   Stuart A. Wright (2009) Strategic Framing of Racial-Nationalism in North America and Europe: An Analysis of a Burgeoning Transnational Network, Terrorism and Political Violence, 21:2, 189-210   Week 5 Discussion After, reading all three articles for Week Five, please point to one aspect of EACH article that you found be of interest and explain why.  Be sure to fully elaborate and discuss how this particular aspect of the article furthers our understanding of terrorism and political violence.  It must be evident that you have carefully read and reflected upon all three articles. 

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[SOLVED] Terrorism and Political Violence
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