[SOLVED] The Educator Essay Writing

As an educator, each of you is responsible for the students’ safety, welfare, and learning. In addition, you are accountable for additional administrative duties that reflect your position as a professional educator. Throughout this course you will complete a learning inventory, research educational ethics and philosophy, and participate in a case study activity. For this assignment you will have two options: essay or PowerPoint (please select one): Using this knowledge, as well as your experiences as a learner and educator, evaluate your commitment to education in a 3- to 5-page, APA-formatted essay (title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and references) or an APA-referenced PowerPoint (see example attached Consider the following as you explore your position: 1. Give a brief introduction of your professional goal and explain why you have chosen a career in education. Evaluate the long-term message you want to convey as an educator. What is your strength as an educator? Consider your history in learning and determine how these experiences impact your goals or outlook as an educator? 2. Formulate your philosophy of education based on some of the research conducted in this course. Use appropriately cited references to validate your philosophy. Consider Dewey and other principal contributors to the field of education. Do you have a personal mantra by which you live, learn, and teach? 3. Identify areas in which you may be challenged ethically as a professional educator. How will you meet these challenges? Using references from this course and some of your experiences, synthesize the value of ethics in education. Consider your dedication to diversity and meeting the needs of the children/learners in your school community. 4. Summarize your position on education and your commitment as a professional educator.

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[SOLVED] The Educator Essay Writing
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