[SOLVED] Documentary review “Slavery by Another Name”

Slavery by Another Name is a documentary that challenges one of Americans’ most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film tells how even as chattel slavery came to an end in the South in 1865, thousands of African Americans were pulled back into forced labor with shocking force and brutality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcCxsLDma2o ·        Your documentary review should contain the following: A very brief summary (no more than 50 words ) that explains the premise of your chosen documentary. Your response/reaction to the film. What did learn from the documentary and what you would like to learn more about?  Describe the point of view/perspective the filmmakers take when presenting the topic of your documentary. List at least one blind spot or missed opportunity the film could have addressed.  Are there places where the filmmakers could have given the audience more information?  Identify at least one instance of bias (a preference toward one point of view over another) that occurred in the documentary. This could be from the way the film is presented, an explanation given by one of the experts interviewed, or the way the information is packaged. There will always be occurrences of bias in everything you watch in this class. This is not necessarily a negative, but becoming aware of how a preferred point of view can inform the way a story is told is one of the primary goals of this course. Where possible, discuss how the topics brought up in the film relate to subjects covered during our lectures. Throughout this course when discussing topics relating to issues of social justice or atrocities such as slavery, the Holocaust, etc. Attached is a brief article introducing a concept widely circulated among genocide scholars known as “never again (Links to an external site.).” After reviewing the article and reflecting on your chosen documentary, do you think “never again” can become a reality? If so, explain how you might as an individual be able to bring about positive change in our society?

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[SOLVED] Documentary review “Slavery by Another Name”
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