[SOLVED] Logical Analysis Discussion

Discussion 1 This week’s discussion question is an exercise in logical analysis. When we engage in a logical analysis, we want to first put aside whether or not we agree with the argument. Instead, we want to analyze the structure of an argument. By doing this, we can determine the type of reasoning and whether or not the argument is sound.  Please complete the following: Find an editorial opinion from a credible local or national newspaper. Identify the topic of the editorial, the media source, date, and author. Note: Be sure that the source you choose is an editorial opinion, not a news story. See this example  (Links to an external site.) . Use standard argument form to present your own argument as you paraphrase  (Links to an external site.)  the conclusion or main claim and the premises. Be sure to address the following information in your analysis: What is the main claim or final conclusion of the editorial? What are the supporting premises for the main claim? What premises are missing? What type of argument is this? Deductive? Inductive? Is the argument made in the editorial valid? Sound? What critiques of the premises or conclusions do you have? After analyzing the structure of the argument, consider whether you see common ground with your own perspectives and where you see room to make counter claims Discussion 2 For this Discussion Board post, we are going to consider gender in the workplace. The following questions pertain to your experience at work (if you have never had a job, reflect on your experience as a student).   (Links to an external site.) Try to recall the first time you became aware of your gender in the context of work. Describe your experience of becoming consciously aware that you “had” a gender and how that may have impacted the application/interview process or sort of job you have (or had if you’re thinking about something in the past). How did this awareness influence your overall growth as a person? Did you have particular experiences, or did people treat you in certain ways to confirm your status as a gendered person? In the second part of your discussion post, consider the experiences of LBGT people (and if you are someone who identifies as LGBT, you can write about your experience with straight or cis-gendered people), particularly focusing on the rights LGBT people have had to fight for in the workplace.

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[SOLVED] Logical Analysis Discussion
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