[SOLVED] Morality Questions on Money

Directions: After watching Sandel’s lecture, respond to the following questions.    Watch: Michael Sandel “Are There Some Things Money Shouldn’t be Able to Buy?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMg9Gjz8PKs   COMPLETE: Response Questions    1. Can you add to Sandel’s list of examples of things that money can/can’t buy? On what grounds would you support that claim?   2. Can you identify things in your own life that can be divided into things money can/can’t buy? 3. Are there some things that shouldn’t be done, no matter how positive the consequences might seem? For example? Why?   4. Are there some cases where people really aren’t completely free to “withhold consent”, e.g., selling a kidney to keep food on the table?   5. Recall an instance where you’ve done the wrong thing. What was your reasoning? Did it reflect any of the concepts listed in your text?

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[SOLVED] Morality Questions on Money
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