[SOLVED] Social Work Counseling

The ASAM manual, Miller text, and Tap 21 manual refers to individualized, patient/client centered care, and outcome informed treatment-what does this mean/look like in real life practice when you are sitting down with an individual in treatment as SUDC counselor practicing the art of counseling? The written response should be approximately 400-500 words, written in APA format, single-spaced, and include citations and references. Use these text as your references: American Society of Addictive Medicine. (2013). The ASAM criteria: Treatment criteria for addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions (3rd ed.). Chevy Chase, MD: Author. ISBN-13-978-61702-197-8 Miller, W., Forcehimes, A.A., & Zweben. A. (2019). Treating addiction: A guide for professionals. (2nd ed.) New York: The Guilford Press. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice. Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) Series 21 (TAP 21). HHS Publication No. (SMA) 15-4171. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2006. Available at https://store.samhsa.gov/product/TAP-21-Addiction-Counseling-Competencies/SMA15-4171

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[SOLVED] Social Work Counseling
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