[SOLVED] Understanding Social Problems

Answer the following discussion questions. The response should be thoughtful and fully respond to the question. You should state why you might agree or disagree with their post and offer suggestions on what they may have missed. Book Title:  Mooney, L.A., Knox, D., and Schact, C. (2017).  Understanding social problems (10th ed.).  Belmont: CA: Cengage, Wadsworth/Thomson.  Chapter 7 (1-page essay) Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, select one of the following and discuss how it will impact the economy and workforce in The United States or even yourself/peers in the near future. The Global Economy Wealth Inequity Corporate Welfare   Chapter 8 (1-page essay) Do inequities in education contribute to inequities in society? Why? Given additional funding, what should be done to improve the educational system to eliminate the disparities and give people a fair competitive shot at success? Are better schools the only answer?

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[SOLVED] Understanding Social Problems
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