[SOLVED] Business and Intercultural Communication

Compose an effective email which include qualities of an effective email.  Initiating the job search This SLP asks for the following: A goodwill message to a prospective employer (Examples of goodwill messages are communications of appreciation, congratulations, or positive feedback). Please pay particular focus to the principles outlined in Chapter 1: Effective Business Communications, within the Business Communication for Success ebook. In the SLPs for this course, you will assume the role of a currently employed professional wanting to change careers. Each of the SLPs will focus on different phases of the job search. In each SLP, you will apply the business communication principles covered in the module. Search for companies you are interested in working for, or jobs you are keen on. You may begin your search at an employment website (such as Monster.com, usajobs.gov, etc.) and find a job opening that interests you. Save the existing job advertisement for a position you are interested in. You will be completing the subsequent SLPs using the job opening you identified. For the goodwill message, write an email, using principles from routine and goodwill emails, to inquire about your desired position. You may ask questions related to application procedures, deadlines, references, or any other detail. The objective of this email is to build rapport with the company and notify them of your interest, and the possibility you may be submitting an application later on. Include the actual job advertisement in your submission. This could be a pdf document, or a link to the advertisement. Submit your assignment by the module’s due date. SLP Assignment Expectations Your email should be professionally formatted and effectively deliver the message, using concepts covered in the module. Please use proper English. Sentences must be properly constructed and free of grammatical and typographical errors. No citations are needed in the email. SLP General Expectations For the SLPs, students are expected to play a role as themselves in the job market. Identify a job that interests you in Module 1. The SLPs will take you through the job search and application process, presenting you in different scenarios requiring you to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and professionally. Formal citations and a bibliography are required unless otherwise stated.

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[SOLVED] Business and Intercultural Communication
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