[SOLVED] Case Study Norway Hotel

Case Norway Hotell Norway Hotell is a hotel chain that currently operates 38 hotels in cities and towns in Norway. Since its inception in 1972, it has had a formidable development. The goal has been to become a leader in the course and conference market, and the company has invested considerable resources in developing a hotel concept that is adapted to this market. However, the hotel chain has struggled in the last two years with a declining number of guest nights in an increasingly demanding market with increasing competition. All the hotels that are currently included in the chain are conveniently located in terms of both accessibility, local sights and activities. From market research, the company knows that offering an eventful framework around the events can be crucial to becoming a first choice among course organizers. All hotels have their own staff who are helpful in planning and tailoring both events, activities and excursions according to the customer’s wishes. In all hotels, emphasis is placed on modern comforts in all rooms and on good, flexible course and conference facilities. Many pleasant lounges and living rooms in connection with meeting and conference rooms give guests a good opportunity for relaxation and informal gatherings during breaks. All hotels have restaurants known for their good food. The business idea is that after a strenuous day, guests should be able to enjoy a varied restaurant offer that can satisfy even the most difficult requirements. In its marketing, the hotel chain places emphasis on presenting Norway Hotell as the natural partner for course and conference organizers. In addition to the hotels’ good facilities, all the skilled employees are highlighted who can guarantee security and peace of mind regarding the professional activities. In addition, it is promised that in addition to professional activities, the employees’ competence is the customer’s guarantee that the course will be remembered as successful for a long time. Inside the company, emphasis is placed on making the employees at all hotels understand that the best marketing is satisfied customers. Employees are therefore constantly reminded of this: “The individual course participant must be given special attention, so that he or she does not experience himself or herself as ‘just one in the crowd’. This should affect all the details (such as that the coffee is served hot at the agreed time) that should be arranged during the stay, from the guests are received at the hotel reception until they check out. This presupposes a strong customer orientation, cooperation, coordination and service attitude in all parts of the organization. ” The management of Norway Hotell is concerned that in the hotel industry one must apparently learn to live with part-time workers and a relatively high “turnover” among the staff. Both among hotel and restaurant staff, it is seen that it is not uncommon for employees to orient themselves towards other jobs and further education after a relatively short time. Many are dissatisfied with the salary, others quit because they find working conditions stressful, or because they do not think the job gives them anything special. Others quit for family reasons. This means that you are completely dependent on skilled managers who can motivate your employees, and that managers choose to stay in the company, which is a challenge to achieve. The management is concerned with its value set in the company, and it is stated that the company must be as much human-oriented as business-oriented towards all employees. Top management says that it sees as its most important task to contribute to developing a holistic corporate culture that is adapted to the company’s business challenges. TASK The task is to make an analysis and interpret Norway Hotell based on the information in the description above and prepare the following: 1- Name the artifacts you expect to find in your business. Make up your mind about what values ??you think it is natural for this company to have, and what the norms may consist of. 2- Based on Schein’s basic assumptions and the seven dimensions, discuss each of the seven dimensions as you expect them to be understood, thought and felt in Norway Hotell. 3 Finally, discuss what management should emphasize in order to develop the organizational culture. The answer must be theoretically based, (Jacobsen & Thorsvik)

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[SOLVED] Case Study Norway Hotel
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