[SOLVED] Family Dynamics Case Study

log onto www.routledgesw.com and review the case of the Sanchez family, then focus in on Carmen Sanchez.  Hint: You will need to click the drop down box and look for Carmen’s name to view her profile. Once you have a good understanding of Carmen and her family, complete the following; 1)      Write a brief overview or summary of Carmens’s family and the needs and concerns of this family in relation to Carmen wanting to move out of the area for college.  In your overview of this case address the following questions; ·         What challenges are common among families who have a disabled child – in order to answer this thoroughly you will want to read the text and reference at least one other source of research related to families of children with disabilities. ·         What are the strengths that the Sanchez family bring to this of this family? ·         How might working with the Sanchez family as a whole have a different outcome than working with Carmen individually, and what are the issues to consider when determining the family approach verses an individual intervention? ·         What resources both formal and informal would you encourage this family to utilize? ·         If you were a social worker working with Carmen and her family what theoretical approach might you use to develop an intervention plan with this family?   *Use vocabulary and concepts from the text to guide your assessment of this family. This assignment should be 2-3 pgs. in length and APA format

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[SOLVED] Family Dynamics Case Study
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