[SOLVED] Sexual Matters Discussion

Please provide a response to 2 of the critical thinking questions for this chapter. Label your answers clearly (i.e., which question you are responding to) 1. In the question-and-answer portion of your talk to the high school students, several students ask you about unusual sexual situations and practices they have learned about on TV talk shows. What would you want to tell them about drawing conclusions about sex based on this kind of information? 2. A friend confides in you that she has been having some sexual fantasies recently that she thinks are unconventional and strange. She is feeling a lot of anxiety about these fantasies and is beginning to feel depressed about having them. She believes that these fantasies indicate that she is sexually abnormal. What would you say to try to help her? 3. Do you feel that the moral values and principles taught to you by your parents and others as you were growing up still apply to your life now as an independent adult? If so, are you comfortable living by them? If not, how have you and your values changed? 4. Suppose you want to study the progression of sexual intimacy in dating couples. You are interested in knowing how long, on average, the two people have known each other or have been dating when they first engage in various intimate behaviors (kissing, erotic touching, nudity, genital touching, oral sex, intercourse). What kind of study would you propose? How would you obtain subjects? Exactly how would you go about gathering your data? What methodological problems do you think you might encounter? PAGE 2:What are the concerns regarding sexual trigger warnings expressed by Neutill? How effective might Winterich’s approach resolve Neutill’s issues? How can teachers and students discern the difference between discomfort and trauma? Is there sexuality-related content that you might find triggering? If so, do you believe instructors should include trigger warnings? Do sexuality educators have the responsibility to create a totally “safe space” for learning to occur? If so, what might this look like? If not, how can education reduce the potential for harm in the classroom?

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[SOLVED] Sexual Matters Discussion
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