[SOLVED] Business Ethics and Sustainability

Case Study (Total-55 marks) The Garment Industry in Bangladesh: A Human Rights Challenge Keeping the paper by Peter and Sarah Stanwick as a frame of reference, please submit a compelling essay (3000 – 3500 words). Please ensure that you 1. Discuss the key sustainability issues prevalent in the garment industry. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the challenges faced in implementation of sustainable initiatives. (7 Marks) 2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the UN Sustainable development goals of ‘Reduced Inequality’, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ and critically analyse these forefront issues in relation to the apparel industry. (7 marks) 3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the effects of sustainability on supply chains in the apparel industry. (7 marks) 4. Critically evaluate some of the global best practices in ethical sourcing implemented by organisations in the apparel industry. (You will have to read about some of the market leaders who have adopted sustainable practices/initiatives in the apparel industry to be able to address this part). (7 marks) 5. Based on your critical analysis and evaluation done while answering the above questions, formulate sustainable strategies to find a solution to permanently improve the working conditions of the garment workers in Bangladesh, as well as to incorporate the development of a more comprehensive corporate social responsibility philosophy related to issues pertaining to global outsourcing. (7 Marks) 6. Many global fashion brands had orders with Rana Plaza at the time of its collapse. These include Benetton, Cato Fashions, The Children’s Place, El Corte Ingles, Joe Fresh, Kik, Mango, Matalan and Primark. Choose one or a few of the brands from the above list and critically review some of the strategies they have implemented to manage sustainability in their business functions. (7 marks) 7. Critically analyse the role of HR in driving sustainability in these fast fashion organisations. (6 Marks) 8. Critically evaluate the role of the CEO of these brands/organisations in dealing with such a reputational crisis (Rana Plaza Collapse) and provide suitable recommendations of how they could meet their sustainability objectives. (7 marks) Assignment Task 2: Project Report Submit a report (2000-2500 words) with the aim to discuss the linkages between business operations and the environmental and societal challenges with regards to sustainability. For this task, you can choose an organisation/industry you currently work in, or an organisation/industry you are familiar with as a frame of reference, to answer all questions given below. a) Demonstrate extensive, detailed and critical knowledge and understanding of the effects of global warming, resource scarcity, population growth and loss of bio-diversity on your chosen organisation/industry. (7 marks) b) Identify financing challenges and solutions for sustainable development and provide suitable recommendations based on independent research and discussions with peers and specialist practitioners from your industry. (6 marks) c) Identify and discuss implementation of innovative business strategies that will help in addressing the sustainability challenges in your chosen organisation. (6 marks) d) Critically review sustainability & its influence on production & design in the chosen industry. (7 marks) e) Critically review the impact of regulations & international codes on sustainability in the chosen industry. How can you influence the management to adopt the regulations and codes in your organisation? (Discuss your role as the change initiator and agent) (7 marks) f) Demonstrate a general understanding of the importance of sustainability reporting. Critically discuss the sustainability report (last financial year) of your chosen organisation or any other organisation in your industry, clearly interpreting and evaluating the numerical and graphical data. (7 marks)

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[SOLVED] Business Ethics and Sustainability
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