[SOLVED] Contemporary Moral Issues

Short Answer Questions (50 points each) – complete all four ANIMAL RIGHTS: 1. Describe Bentham, Regan, and Warren’s views on animal rights/ welfare. Which view do you find most convincing and why? (3 sources – Animal Rights Powerpoint) WAR/VIOLENCE: 2. Describe the doctrine of double-effect in the context of war and illustrate with two unique examples. 3. Describe the Militarism, Strict Pacifism, and Moderate Pacifism views about the morality of war. Which view do you find most convincing and why?  IMMIGRATION 4. Discuss Miller’s distinction between refugees and economic migrants. Then, explain Wellman’s justification for not allowing immigration. Discuss the metaphors that he uses. (2 sources, one from each article)

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[SOLVED] Contemporary Moral Issues
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