[SOLVED] Disease Containment Case Scenario

February 2019: a deadly earthquake has struck the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and early reports indicate it has caused major destruction and great loss of life. The local government is unable to cope with the scale of the damage and plans are made across the world to assemble international response teams and send them to that location as quickly as possible. You have been asked to lead a Disease Containment Quick Response Team that will be deployed in what appears to be the worst hit area of Rio de Janeiro: the Favelas. You are given a summary introduction of what you should expect once you get on location, but the pace of this operation is such that you will need to integrate that information with your own research while you are en route to your destination.  1.    Clearly identify what your role is on the response team as a health worker 2.    You will need to report back to the agency that is sending you to the area.  You will design an interactive presentation that can be transmitted.  3.    You will also need to develop a specific plan for what you will do while in the area.  For this project you will create the following three deliverables: ·       Your specific health science role and responsibilities – description ·       Short Presentation: use available information, databases, etc. to research in depth the specific area into which you will be deployed: Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas. Among other things this will need to include a bit of history as well as the type of health concerns present in that area before the storm struck. Be as specific as you can: the last thing you want to do is arrive on location and be unprepared for the task at hand! Once you have collected all the necessary information develop a 10 minute-long narrated PowerPoint presentation where you describe your findings. ·       Actionable Plan: develop a written actionable plan that analyzes and responds to at least three types of disease and/ or environmental threats you expect to encounter once you arrive on location. Be specific: your description should not only identify and describe the threat, but also illustrate clearly how it would apply to the circumstances found in that specific location, and following the catastrophic event that just occurred. Don’t forget about chronic disease that may have already been an issue as well as communicable disease and injury.  Also include health promotion during the relief efforts and prevention of further disease and disability.  The total length of this deliverable is approximately 10 pages.  It should include a timeline and who is responsible for each part of the effort, needed resources, and a communication plan.   Question yourself about what you’re to write! –       What about RIO de Janeiro/History of the area –       What is your role as an health worker as a disease containment quick response team –       Report This is my search; ·       My role (as a health worker) ·       Why I was in the area ·       What am going to do ·       Responsibilities ·       Diseases that am likely to encounter ·       Threats ·       Experience Plan (disasters that one is likely to experience in the place e.g education, Homelessness, Diseases etc) At least talk about 3 things in that area, diseases should be 3 one covering three pages in explanation. And include Citations. STRICTLY;NO Plagiarism       https://vimeo.com/203128224 Sources CDC, Google

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[SOLVED] Disease Containment Case Scenario
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