[SOLVED] Privacy and Cyberspace Questions

Privacy & Cyberspace The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about privacy and cyberspace. 1. What is personal privacy, and why is privacy dif?cult to de?ne? (Minimum word count: 60) 2. Is privacy a social value, or is it simply an individual good? (Minimum word count: 60)3. What is RFID technology, and why is it a threat to privacy? (Minimum word count: 60) 4. Why are certain aspects and uses of Internet search engines controversial from a privacy perspective? (Minimum word count: 60) 5. Why does online access to public records pose problems for personal privacy? (Minimum word count: 60) 6. In discussing “cyberspace regulation,” why is it useful to distinguish the question “Can cyberspace be regulated?” from the question “Should cyberspace be regulated?” (Minimum word count: 60) 7. What are (HTML) meta-tags, and why can they be controversial? (Minimum word count: 60) 8. What is e-mail spam, and why is it controversial from a moral point of view? (Minimum word count: 60) 9. What is censorship? Describe the differences between “censorship by suppression” and “censorship by deterrence.” (Minimum word count: 60) 10. What is Network Neutrality (or “Net Neutrality”), and what implications does it have for Internet regulation in the future? (Minimum word count: 60)

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[SOLVED] Privacy and Cyberspace Questions
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