[SOLVED] Business Management and Development

For this paper, you will develop a research question related to your field of study to explore. You will conduct academic research from academic journals or trade journals by authors in to the field or industry. Ensure that the authors of your sources are experts in the field or industry.   Your paper should introduce the topic (your research question) and why you are seeking answers to it. You will then explain your research findings. What answers have you found to your research question? Provide compelling evidence from sources to support these answers. Adequate research goes beyond reading 1-2 articles–be sure to have enough sources to reach an academic conclusion that is based off adequate research.    Your paper should be structured in academic format and style: ·         Include an introduction paragraph that ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should indicate the topic of study and state the overall findings or answers. ·         Include body paragraphs that focus on a single finding or answer per paragraph (though you can have multiple paragraphs on a single finding or answer) and supply enough evidence from sources to support that answer. Cite your sources in an academic format used by your field of study (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). ·         Include a conclusion paragraph that sums up your overall findings/answers and share why this topic is significant or important—why does it matter? ·         Provide a list of your references using your field’s academic citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).   Length: 3 pages minimum                      Format: Academic paper using the formatting style for your field of study          Audience: Scholars and practitioners in your field of study Purpose: To contribute information to your field of study Want to view a sample? Check it out:  Sample Research Q & Conclusion Paper.pdf Sample Research Q & Conclusion Paper.pdf – Alternative Formats

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[SOLVED] Business Management and Development
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