[SOLVED] Colleague Business Post Response

Read a selection of colleagues’ post. Respond to colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: ·        Offer observations about how the work environment described by your colleague appears to compare or contrast from that you have observed or experienced and suggest why you think one of the managers strategies may or may not have contributed to the environment and the lessons you learned from your comparison. ·        Compare/contrast your peer’s definition of inclusivity with your own and discuss the managerial implications of these similarities and differences in creating the desired work environment. ·        Suggest other actions or steps a manager could take in promoting positive and inclusive work environments and explain why you think those would be effective. ·        Share a key manager competency or characteristic presented by your colleague that you may have overlooked and explain how that might have further improved the work environment you described. ·        Share other lessons you have learned by reading your colleagues posts and explain how you could employ them to be an effective manager who creates a positive and inclusive work environment for your employees.   Colleague’s Post Inclusion to me can be found in meetings as respecting and listening to the opinions of others.  This culture is created by an understanding that the diversity of the group is a strength.  The variances in our experiences can be utilized to gain different perspectives during collaboration and expedite potential solutions.  An example of this that I experienced was from a company in oil and gas.  Our VP made sure hired managers from different backgrounds and companies with strong training culture.  Our team meetings would include scenarios where different individuals would take over leadership of the meeting, and ask for opinions on their decisions/issues.  This offered endless learning and operational efficiency for the departments and an inclusive culture.   Yu states, “Inclusion means to consider everyone’s backgrounds, thoughts, and opinions when assessing a situation or idea (Yu, 2018, p. 1).”              Occasionally managers would try to take on too much and over step the help they wanted to provide.  This distracted from the goals of the company and inclusion by creating rifts in relationships and pulling managers away from their own responsibilities.  Because one solution worked in shipping, it does not mean that it will work in manufacturing.  This distraction would cost time and money but create learning opportunities for the group to grow.  The VP created an environment where failure was talked through and valued as a learning tool through positive focus and respect.             To rectify the situation, the VP would hold a meeting with the management group.  Our meetings always started with a positive focus.  We would go around the meeting and list something we were proud of and something we were working towards.  “The more we focus on positivity, the more our brains are programmed to look for the good in things (The Six Essentials of Workplace Positivity, 2012).”  The meetings would then go into an explanation and search for positives we can take away from the failure or over step.  I think most of the time a simple instruction from the VP to the imposing manager saying to disengage would have been suffice.  Through my readings this week, I have learned that inclusion is a process.  You need to specifically hire from varying backgrounds and experiences to achieve it.  There also has to be a positive environment to sustain inclusion and that is built on trust on respect.  Leaders are responsible for creating this environment and ensuring its success.  As a leader in my company, I take a small step everyday by trying to use more gender-neutral words and hold open meetings where any employee can participate.

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[SOLVED] Colleague Business Post Response
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