[SOLVED] Congress Case Scenario Development

1.Who are your members of Congress? (hint: your answer should include 3 names. Your book tells you how to find out who your representatives are.) ATLANTA GA, DEKALB COUNTY 2. Write at least one of them a letter about an issue that is important to you. You may use Countable, their websites, view current legislation on the congressional website, or use current news to find an issue you care about…or maybe you already have an issue in mind. The letter does not have to be long. It can be a few sentences telling them what issue you care about, why you care, and what they should do about the problem associated with it.  3. Now send them the letter….No, you do not need a stamp or even a mailbox. This is 2020! Go to ResistBot and send the letter to your member of Congress via text or other method that is listed on the website. (Hopefully, your member of Congress will respond to you before the end of the semester!) Think they are not listening? Check out these people who have received responses. I, too, have received a response from my representatives after sending them a letter via Resistbot. You can just tell me whether you did this or not as your answer. NOTE: write letter here and i will send it  4. After you have written the letter, use it as a guide to call at least one member’s D.C. office (do not call the district office) and tell them your concern. You can use the article below to help guide your call. (You should call on a weekday during normal business hours in D.C. which is M-F 9-5 eastern standard time.) You can leave the phone number of their D.C. office as your answer for #4. 5. Write a reflection about your experience in contacting your member(s) of Congress. Some things you may want to discuss are: how did you feel before making the call, how did you feel after, who did you talk to, what did they say, will you call your member of Congress again, tell your friends/family about your experience, ask them if they have ever called their members of Congress before? 6. Finally, is it important to contact your members of Congress about issues that you care about? Why or why not?  Resources to read before completing this assignment: (if you get an error saying that you’ve already viewed the max number of articles for the month then please clear your cookies and try again or use a different  https://www.wired.com/story/opengov-report-congress-constituent-communication/ https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/06/what-calling-congress-achieves

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[SOLVED] Congress Case Scenario Development
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