[SOLVED] Government Analysis Homework

Complete the following components and follow the instructions for each. Note: Your written analysis on Sections III-V must be a minimum of one meaningful paragraph. However, please put more emphasis on the quality of content rather than the length of your analysis.     Key terms……. I.                               Describe the significance of the following terms. Use language that demonstrates  your understanding  of the application of these terms.                    deadwood                      astroturf lobbying                                                          cooptation                            populism                                    Duverger’ Law     Late train contributions contributionscontributions   platform                          focus groups tipping                             white primary   Answer all eight questions.   II.                            Choose  Answer the following eight questions. USE COMPLETE SENTENCES. 1.       Describe two demographics and explain their impact their impact on the political system in Texas. 2.       Describe the social, cultural and economic changes in Texas that could impact our political system in Texas? 3.       Who was E.J. Davis and explain his impact on the political system in Texas? 4.       Explain the significance of the plural executive in Texas. 5.       What is distinction between split-ticket and straight ticket voting and evaluate the impact of these phenomenon on the political system in Texas 6.       What is the distinction between an open and closed primary state and evaluate the potential negative characteristic of the open primary state like Texas. 7.       Explain why dealignment and realignment is taking place and evaluate the impact on the political system in Texas. 8.       Write a brief description of one of the following court cases and explain how this impacts conservatism in Texas. *Ruiz v. Texas          * Edgewood v. Kirby             * Lawrence v. Texas                          III.     Write an analysis of the movie Justice for Sale.  As part if you analysis create three potential questions a political strategist would ask you in a focus group.                                            https://vimeo.com/33285123   This should help you to evaluate the role of interest groups and voting in our political system         IV.  Write a brief analysis of Daniel Elazar’s categorization of political culture and add your own      perspective of how Texas fits into this characterization.   V.   Based on your participation in the constitutional amendment voting exercise, rate your voting experience from 1-10 with 10 being the best and one being the worst. Explain why and evaluate whether this is an effective feature of the Texas Constitution.       Note: The responses should come from the textbook, PowerPoint slides with a minimal amount of research. Study Guide/Objectives:   1.         Know the political culture in Texas. 2.       Know the impact of demographics as well as their impact on policy-making. 3.       Know the distinction between conservatism and liberalism, and the impact of these ideologies on the political system in Texas. 4.       Know the impact of the principle of separation of power impacts our political structure. 5.       Know the purposes and features of the current Texas Constitution. 6.       Know the historical development of the current Constitution, as well as the five documents that preceded the current document. 7.       Know the attempts at writing/adopting a new Constitution 8.       Know the individuals who influenced the development of the state Constitution 9.       Be able to evaluate the process for amending the Texas Constitution 10.   Be aware of the need for such reform, as well as attempts at such reform. 11.   Be able to analyze the validity and effectiveness of the current constitution. 12.   Know the role of interest groups in the Texas political process, as well as the methodologies used to influence the political/policy-making process 13.   Know the role of lobbying and be able to evaluate the validity of the lobby process. 14.   Know why interest groups are stronger in Texas and the role of money 15.   Know the distinction of the ideologies of the two major political parties in Texas. 16.   Know the role and organization of political parties in Texas. 17.   Know the changing nature of demographics and the idea of Texas turning “blue.” 18.   Know the nature and factors that contribute to low voter participation in Texas. 19.   Know the impact and remedies associated with voter disenfranchisement/suppression 20.   Be able to evaluate the power of interest groups and voting 21.   Understand the relevant terms

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[SOLVED] Government Analysis Homework
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