[SOLVED] Historical Discoveries and Founding Fathers

The DESCRIPTION OF EACH URL PART MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS. This means that the first URL you find and describe must be 150 words and the second URL you find and describe must be 150 words. Combined, the entire URL assignment will be 300 words.  – For Chapter 1: Just like with Darwin and Wallace, history is full of simultaneous discoveries.  Find a URL exploring at least one more example.  Make sure you see the example for the write up in URL instructions. – For Chapter 2: In the notes, I refer to how influential John Locke’s theories were on the American founding fathers.  Find a website that discusses this influence and do the usual description and analysis. URL 1: From Chapter 3: Phrenology was a wildly popular but untrue scientific theory.  Find another popular but untrue scientific theory. URL 2: From Chapter 4: The Wundtian school and the Wurzburg school had their day in the sun but were mostly forgotten until the artificial intelligence folks came along. For the second URL, explore the link between psych and the AI computer folks.

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[SOLVED] Historical Discoveries and Founding Fathers
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