[SOLVED] HIV/AIDS in America Research Paper

Formatting instructions: Your final paper must be at least 15 pages, double-spaced (not including references, pictures, tables, or title page). Font should be 12-point and Times New Roman One-inch borders all around. Citation Format: You are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) format 7 for your references in text and at the end with your list of citations. Select a public health issue of your choice. You may choose to discuss a topic we discussed in class as long as you do not duplicate what is covered. Elements of the Paper – Your paper MUST have these headings! Background (5points): The background section must provide basic information about the public health issue addressed by the paper. The aim of this section is to answer questions including but not limited to (1) What is the problem and why it is of concern? (2) What is the magnitude of the problem? (3) Who are affected by this issue and how? (4) At the very end of the background section, state the purpose of your paper. This section should accurately summarize the information so that it leads up to the heart of your discussion, the perspectives. Viewpoints/Perspectives (10 points): A key to this paper is to look at the selected public health issue from multiple viewpoints/perspectives. Thus, you must utilize at least two viewpoints/perspectives. For example: from the perspective of general population, political decision makers, healthcare providers, insurance companies etc. You may also choose to discuss two different viewpoints based on gender, race/ethnicity, culture, political views, or any other factor of your choice. Each viewpoint must be discussed under separate sub-headings and must be supported by published literature or other legitimate sources (e.g., newspapers, organizations like CDC, WHO, etc.) It is up to you to decide which current views and evidence to include. The aim of this section is to emphasize the critical importance of evidence in advancing public health knowledge. (Assesses learning objective #4 and 5) Solution (15 points): Based on elements 1 and 2, design a population-based policy, program, project, or intervention that you would suggest to improve the health and well- being of those affected by this public health issue. (Assesses learning objective # 9). For example, if you are discussing vaccinations, what solution would you implement to prevent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases? How could these solutions be implemented to please all parties involved, if that is ever possible? As you remember from class discussions, the first step to negotiations is to understand the interests of each party. An agreement can only be achieved by meeting the legitimate interests of all the parties involved.

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[SOLVED] HIV/AIDS in America Research Paper
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