[SOLVED] Media Analysis Paper

Part 1: Media Analysis Paper For Part 1 of the communication project, you will analyze media coverage of your topic using the information and concepts you have learned thus far in class. This project will not only help you to understand and witness, first hand, how these concepts are applied in the real world, but will help you hone your analytical writing skills. This paper and the research you conduct for it will also serve as a resource and preparation for the next steps of your communication project. The point of this written assignment is to develop a deep understanding of how environmental issues or events are represented in the media. You will survey media coverage of your chosen topic (written, visual, audio, etc.), analyze the coverage using concepts outlined in your textbook and class resources (frames, journalistic norms, imagery, etc), and come up with your own conclusions and recommendations regarding the coverage of your topic. Paper Expected format: This is an individual student paper, 4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12 size font. It must include a bibliography of all sources used (using APA formatting, not included in page count). You will turn your paper in on Moodle. Please turn it in as a PDF. Paper Content requirements: Although you are free to organize your paper however you see fit, there should be four main components to this paper: 1) Introduction and identification of your topic or event and its importance, 2) survey and analysis of media coverage of the event, and 3) your conclusions and recommendations regarding this topic. Some general ideas or questions to consider in each of these components, as well as additional requirements, are below: 1. Introduction to your paper dentification of your topic or event and its significance a. What is your topic or event? Why does it matter? b. Your paper should include a thesis that summarizes your main argument about how your topic is covered in the media c. You should also outline the content of the rest of your paper – what you will be using as evidence and how will the paper be organized? 2. Survey and analysis of media coverage a. Where was your topic covered? What types of media were used? i. Traditional? Digital? Visual? Where was it most covered? ii. How were these types of media used? iii. Include at least 5 examples from at least 2 different media types b. What observations can you make about the ways in which your topic was covered? i. Can you identify journalistic norms, themes, constraints, or frames? 1. Include specific examples and cite your media sources ii. Tie your analysis directly to concepts covered in class (although you are welcome to use outside research and concepts in addition) iii. Make sure your assertions in your analysis relate to and support your thesis 3. Conclusion and recommendations a. Summarize your analysis and findings and tie them directly to your thesis b. Propose ways in which your topic might be better communicated (if applicable) or explain what recommendations you would make for continued coverage of your topic Bibliography: Your bibliography should be in APA format and should include at least 2 citations from class, 5 media examples (2 different types, ie: video, traditional news, radio, citizen journalism, digital etc.). You will also use in-text citations in your paper (Author last name, Year).

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[SOLVED] Media Analysis Paper
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