[SOLVED] Pilgrims in the New World

Puritans were actually Protestants who sought to reform the Anglican Church (aka Church of England) and remove all the Catholic elements as well as anyone who was not fully committed to their same morals. They wanted to stay with the church – which was different than Pilgrims (first called Separatists) who wanted to complete separate from the Anglican Church. So, the Separatists/Pilgrims left England for Holland, but, were not happy with the Dutch influence on their children. As a result, they sought a new way of life. They secured rights under the Virginia Company so that they would settle in the New World, specifically Virginia, where they agreed to work for a period of 7 years in exchange for the support of the Joint Stock company. Take a look at their compact and tell me the following: Who was the document created for? Who was intended to read it? Why was it written? What makes this document different than other documents? Then, choose 3 or 4 different people who signed the document and do some research to tell your classmates about them. Provide details on their lives, whether they lived or died, what they did for a living, their age when the signed/reached Virginia, etc.  Here’s the link to the Mayflower compact: Link https://avalon.law.yale.edu/17th_century/mayflower.asp

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[SOLVED] Pilgrims in the New World
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