[SOLVED] Privacy and Civil Rights Discussion

In the world of digital technology where virtual reality can be more real than the physical world and where smartphones can be used to measure and monitor every aspect of our lives, the question of privacy and civil rights becomes a serious discussion.  This topic becomes paramount when colleges and universities use digital tracking under the guise of concern for and protection of their students.  Topic Is digital tracking of students truly useful or a violation of a student’s privacy and civil rights? Answer this question and explain your thoughts without using “I” or “I think” or “I believe”. Write an essay of 900 words which has a minimum of 5 paragraphs [introduction, body, and conclusion] which contain at least 8-10 sentences per paragraph.  Provide supporting ideas from the posted article and your own pre-existing knowledge or experience with the topic. If you know how to, provide in-text citations for examples from the reading used to support your discussion.  These will be in parentheses. Remember that this article has an author, so you are citing the author’s name.  And this is a source without page numbers, so you are not citing any page numbers.  To cite the author, you would put the author’s last name in parentheses like this:  (Harwell).  There are no page numbers because the article posted in Canvas does not have any page numbers, so don’t add any.  Do not use any additional outside sources from the web or any databases or any other articles. You may only use the posted pdf version of the reading provided for this assignment, not the original web version of the article. You don’t have to include a Works Cited page, but if you want to have a Works Cited page, the citation would look like this: Harwell, Drew.  “Colleges Are Turning Students’ Phones into Surveillance Machines, Tracking the Locations of Hundreds of Thousands.” The Washington Post, 24 December 2019.

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[SOLVED] Privacy and Civil Rights Discussion
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