[SOLVED] Quantitative Methods Research

For this activity you will: 1. State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose, and Research Question(s). Research Topic: The economic impact of Corona Virus Research Objective: To analyze the ways that the economy has either improved or deteriorated  Research Questions: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the economies of the word? Are there countries that have suffered more losses than others due to the pandemic, or are all countries affected similarly? How can the effects of the illness be addressed based on level impact?  2. List and label the dependent and independent variables. 3. State the null and alternate hypotheses. 4. Describe which quantitative methods could be used to address your research question(s). Describe any that could be applied. 5. Explain which would be the most appropriate and why. 6. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the method you select.

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[SOLVED] Quantitative Methods Research
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