[SOLVED] Self and Hero Definition

For the first out of class essay, students will compose a 1,200 minimum word essay in MLA format. Any essay that does not reach the 1,200-word count will not be able to receive a grade above a 69 percent. The essay will also require a work cited page with the textbook cited. The expository essay should reflect the basic fundamentals of argumentation and the chapters we have covered thus far. We have read multiple chapters on the development of moral behavior, which can be interpreted as how individuals decide to behave. Option 1: What Defines You: We have read a lot about morality and the various reasons a superhero decides his/her moral behavior. Choose one of the various philosophical reasons why individuals decide to be moral and create an argument why you model your moral behavior after this. Support your selection by analyzing the reason why you follow this moral code. In other words, where did this come from? Also, what has motivated you to stick to this particular moral code? Option 2: Define A Hero: Our text has provided us with various examples of superheroes, where they come from, and what shaped their moral code. We also read how intelligence seemed to be last attribute when comic writers were coming up with the personality makeup of their superheroes. Construct an argument in which you define and argue what makes a hero. Assist the reader to understand your definition of a hero by providing examples. You are welcome to use a mash up of various current superheroes to support your argument. Please keep in mind that we read that the Congressional hearing of 1954 forced comic writers to follow the Comic Code (chapter 12), and this is why many classic comic heroes follow the moral compass that they do. Consider whether your definition of hero will follow any of the various guidelines of morality when constructing your argument. Chapters Covered • SAP: Chapter 14 “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: On the Moral Duties of the Super-Powerful and Super-Heroic” By Christopher Robichaud Pages 177-193• SAP: Chapter 15 “Why Be a Superhero? Why Be Moral?” by Stephen Layman Pages 194-206 • SAP: Chapter 12 “Why are Superheroes Good? Comics and the Ring of Gyges” by Jeff Brenzel Page 147-160 • SAP: Chapter 11 “Comic-Book Wisdom” by Michael Thau Pages 130-143 • SAP: Chapter 1 “The Real Truth about Superman: And the Rest of Us, Too” by Mark Waid

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[SOLVED] Self and Hero Definition
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