[SOLVED] Survey Development Analysis

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide opportunities for you to develop a survey for data collection purposes and apply the research methods used in industrial organizational research. [Course obj. 4 & 5] Format: You will choose one subject area in I/O psychology and develop a two-page anonymous survey for data collection. For example, you may choose to develop a survey (including demographic questions and research questions) to measure employees’ satisfaction in a manufacturing. You will need to provide a scenario to describe the reason and importance of conducting this data collection. A literature review is needed to support the development of your survey. In the end, you need to turn in a final report (following APA format, using Times New Roman 12, double spacing, etc.) that includes: A cover page (indicating the subject you selected such as employee satisfaction, performance appraisal, employee motivation, leadership, teamwork.) One page of introduction (scenario) [Your scenario should indicate if it is a company or an education setting and what the issues are (If you decide to do a safety issue at an organization, here you will describe specific safety problems at the workplace)] One page of reasons and importance for this data collection (Here you will describe why you developed a survey to identify and solve the problem instead of using interview or observation; who are the target population; and the importance of conducting this survey study to address the problem.) Two pages of literature review (How did you develop this survey? What theories or models were you based on?) A completed two-page survey  References   NOTICE: You DO NOT need to distribute your survey! * Attachment has one example of this assignment from a previous student to help you better understand the expectation of this assignment. Please respect the student’s authorship and right. Do not copy or share this example outside of the class.  * Please take advantage of the attached self-checklist to enhance the quality of your work. To learn more about survey development, here are some suggested links: Guidance for Developing a Survey. https://militaryfamilieslearningnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Module-4-Guidance-for-Developing-a-Survey.pdf Designing an Effective Questionnaire by Laura Colisi, Cornell University. Good overview with detail. https://ag.purdue.edu/extension/pdehs/Documents/Designing%20an%20Effective%20Questionnaire.pdf A Step-by-step Guide to Developing Effective Questionnaires and Survey Procedures for Program Evaluation & Research. https://njaes.rutgers.edu/fs995/

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[SOLVED] Survey Development Analysis
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