[SOLVED] Western Civil Homework

Please watch the video clips that follow and answer the corresponding questions.    https://youtu.be/9hodYUDDfsY 1. What was Copernicus’s views on the sun? 2.  How did Galileo change the way we view the solar system? https://youtu.be/A4AXFDOQgvw 3. What was the main reason for the scientific revolution?  In other words, what led to it? 4. Of the scientists mentioned in the video clip, which do you feel is the most important and why? Please answer the following questions.  Remember your answers need to be as thorough as possible.  Keep in mind the rules concerning plagiarism. 1.  In your opinion, why was the printing press an important aspect of the scientific revolution? 2.  Do you think that religious beliefs helped to stall the scientific revolution?   3.  Of the scientists discussed in this chapter, which was your favorite? Explain why. 4.  In your opinion, why was Isaac Newton praised by the church, while Galileo was placed on trial for his work? 5.  Define skepticism in relation to the age of the scientific revolution. In your opinion, are we all skeptics to a certain degree?  6. How is our modern understanding of science rooted in the Scientific Revolution? 7.  To what extent did the Scientific Revolution create the division between the humanities and the sciences that exists today? 8.  Should the Scientific Revolution be described as revolutionary or evolutionary? 9.  What paradigms were shattered by the Scientific Revolution, and what paradigms remained in place? 10. How did the Scientific Revolution pave the way for the secularization of European society?

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[SOLVED] Western Civil Homework
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