[SOLVED] Creative Color Photography

Creative Color Photography Read and Respond. Chapter 7 1. Photography so often seems to be thought about capturing a moment in time, but it doesn’t have to be. Give at least 3 examples of ways to get around “static” or “frozen images: Discuss ways to have a sense of movement or a passing of time and explain technically with your camera how to achieve that effect. 2. Which effect would you like most to try or experiment with? Which one are you the most likely to do? Why? 3. Photography doesn’t have to be limited to a single image on the pages. Discuss at least 3 ways discussed in the book to combine multiple images.4. After studying all of the images in this chapter choose 1 photographer to research discuss the image by answering at least two of the following questions.a. a. Is the work in the book representative of that photographer’s style? If yes, what aspects are similar? If no, what is different?b. b. What attracted you to that photo? c. c. What meaning or message do you derive from that image?d. d. If that image is part of a body of work, how do the other images in the series add to your interpretation of the images? e. e. How does the color palette used in the image effect your interpretation of the photographs meaning or message? f. f. Is there any symbolism used in the image? If so, what do understand it to mean?

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[SOLVED] Creative Color Photography
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