[SOLVED] Criminal Justice Critical Thinking

Respond to one of the essay prompts below: Define the phrase “prison subculture”. What types of characteristics make up this subculture? Define and discuss what is meant by the “inmate code.” Finally, define the term “prisonization;” be sure to discuss how it relates to the larger prison subculture.  Do the values of the prison culture result from the deprivation of prison, or do inmates bring them from the outside?  Support your answer and provide examples.  What was the case 60 years ago?  Are there differences between now and then?  What accounts for these differences?  Explain. Describe a minimum of five ways that male and female subcultures are different.  What accounts for these differences?  Most male inmates use one of four basic role orientations to adapt to prison.  Which one of these “adaptive roles” could be expected to be chosen by female offenders?  Explain why.

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[SOLVED] Criminal Justice Critical Thinking
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