[SOLVED] Extreme Ice Nova Environmental Science

Go to: Extreme Ice Video Or just Google: “Extreme Ice Nova” The video is about 52min long. In the video, Extreme Ice, our relationship with ice was said to be one of the most important controllers of the environment for the entire plant.  Answer the following questions related to the importance of ice to our plant and how human activity affects the stability of the ice sheets and glaciers. Provide works cited In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following: – What are greenhouse gases and how are they produced, both in nature and by man? – Describe how human activity since the Industrial Revolution has increased the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere?  Give specific examples of these gases. – What is the relationship between greenhouse gases, temperature changes, and sea levels? – In your own words, summarize why ice is important to the world environment. Support your statements with evidence from the video, your textbook, and your research?

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[SOLVED] Extreme Ice Nova Environmental Science
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