[SOLVED] Family Communications Concept

The purpose of this assignment is to explore a case study and assess the situation based on concepts used in the course. Below is the case you will be exploring:   You suspect that your 14-year-old son may be doing drugs with his friends. He has come home past curfew on several occasions, and you noticed a smell of marijuana on him each time. He also seems disengaged at home.  You are worried that this behaviour will negatively impact his schooling and your relationship with him. You’ve confronted him about it and he denies any wrongdoing. One day he leaves his cellphone on the counter and messages pop up from his friends.   Do you read the messages on the screen? Do you go into the phone and read the entire conversation or other conversations?  What role do ethics play in this situation? How do status, roles and norms relate to this situation? How does your culture factor into this situation?   Referencing: You CANNOT work with others on this assignment. This is an INDEPENDENT paper. Any attempts at plagiarism will result in an automatic 0 and a case of academic misconduct. You should be making links to course material. When relating to textbook/lecture material, please use APA citations. No need for a formal reference page.    Format: 1 page maximum, double spaced. You must provide a formal title page. On your title page please have a title, state your name and student number, course name, professor name and date. No introduction or conclusion required. Use paragraphs. The assignment must be written in sentence format, double-spaced, typed in New Times Roman 12 point with 1″ margins. Pages should be numbered.

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[SOLVED] Family Communications Concept
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