[SOLVED] To Build a Fire by Jack London Review

Why does the main character in the story, “To Build a Fire” by Jack London take the risks that he does by journeying into the frigid wilderness and not taking the advice of the old-timers? How does the cold landscape in the story, “To Build a Fire” act as a catalyst in the story? Please consider the following questions as you construct your essay: What is the main theme of the story? What is the overall plot of the story? Who are the main characters? What situations or characteristics of the story create the atmosphere in the story? How does the short story you chose to use pathos to compel an emotional response from the reader? What elements in the story reflect back to the main idea? How does the short story you chose to meet or fulfill aesthetic value? Your essay must meet the following criteria: A clearly defined thesis statement and a well-developed introductory paragraph that contains summary information, a clear explanation of the main idea, and a thesis statement. Clear textual support that supports your thesis. Three or more main points are well developed with supporting details including examples from the story that refers back to its main theme. Development of the thesis throughout the body of the paper and the conclusion. Your conclusion should summarize the main topics without repeating previous sentences; the final ideas are logical and well thought out and demonstrate the analysis. It must have proper MLA format: Times Roman 12pt Font; 1inch Margins; Double Spaced Lines; Proper MLA parenthetical textual citations. Academic quality writing: Proper English usage and grammar No jargon, or slang Accurate spelling (Do not simply rely on Spell Check or Grammar Check!) Use of proper sentence structure No fragments or run-ons A Demonstration of accurate and precise parenthetical citations of all direct quotes and ideas paraphrased from the text. No block quotes! Direct Quotes must be limited to 2 and must be no longer than one line per quote. Each quote must be cited in the MLA style. You may not use the words, “I,” “Me,” “My,” or “Myself.” If you paraphrase any text you must also cite the page number from the text. Your paper must contain in-depth analysis and proper reasoning. This means that you must reflect on your thesis statement in relation to the primary text. The analysis you present must also be logical in its presentation. This means that your ideas contained within the body of your paper must be presented in a specific organized and structured format.

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[SOLVED] To Build a Fire by Jack London Review
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