[SOLVED] Ethical Dilemma Application Paper

Vignette Helen, a 22-year old bank teller, comes in to see you following an armed robbery at the bank.  She is experiencing heart palpitations, poor appetite, and difficulty sleeping.  She appears agitated and is tearful in session.  She has not been able to go to work since the hold-up. Helen shares with you that her boyfriend is becoming increasingly worried about her and he is the one who convinced her to come to see you.  She says, although he says he is supportive of her, she feels like he is pulling away from her. When asked about her family of origin, Helen says her mother died three years ago in a car accident.  She has a younger sister who lives in Wyoming with her own family, and a brother who followed in her father’s footsteps and is a career soldier in the army.  She says she has had no contact with her father in over two years.  After the session, her father calls and is concerned how his daughter is doing in therapy. Instructions  Apply ethical concepts/constructs, the Christian worldview, and Biblical concepts to the vignette in order to address the following: ·         Name and explain the ethical construct included in the vignette. ·         Describe the ethical dilemma facing you as the therapist/counselor. ·         Discuss how your personal ethics and Christian worldview might support or come into conflict with the required ethical standards of the helping profession.  Your paper must be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced with 12 point font, and in APA format.

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[SOLVED] Ethical Dilemma Application Paper
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