[SOLVED] Integrated Mini Unit

You will be creating an integrated math and science unit that allows students the opportunity for exploration, concept development, and concept application through inquiry. At a minimum, you will be creating three lessons that should reflect a balance of math and science and will contain at a minimum: standards, objectives, materials, strategies and adaptations for meeting the needs of special populations, assessment strategies, safety and ethical considerations, as well as examples of literature and technology integration. Finally, make sure to incorporate the arts into at least one of the unit’s lessons. (3 SEPERATE LESSON PLANS)   Lesson Plan Template below. Complete one per lesson, integrating math and science, with at least one lesson also integrating the arts. Name: Grade Level: Lesson Topic: State Standard(s) (required)     Lesson Objectives based upon state standard(s)         National Standard(s) and/or Common Core (optional)   Lesson Objectives based upon National Standard(s)/Common Core Assessment(s)   Prior Knowledge List Concepts/Skills Lesson Builds Upon             New Knowledge Specific Lesson Concepts/ Skills Materials       Books/Texts/Songs Technology Opening Activities/Whole Class Instruction/Modeling (incorporate the 5e model)       Pair or Small Group Activities           Independent Activities       Students’ Diverse Needs Differentiation and Modifications         Arts-based Activities (optional –required for at least one lesson in the unit)     Closure Activities   Early Finisher Activities (optional) Safety Rules/Procedures

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[SOLVED] Integrated Mini Unit
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