[SOLVED] Perception Discussion

eBook: Wood, J.T. (2017).  Communication in our lives (8th ed.).  Stamford, CT: Cengage. Chapter 1: The World of Communication (pp. 1-21). Chapter 2: Perception and Communication (pp. 25-43). Articles, Websites, and Videos: This brief video identifies and explains the three models of communication covered in your textbook; linear, interactive, and transactional. Watch Video The 3 Models of Communication Duration: 3:32 User: Taylor Stickle – Added: 11/23/18 This video explains the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy and offers a few suggestions on how to utilize it in a positive way.  Watch Video You Become What You Think About | Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Duration: 1:21 User: Thinking About Things – Added: 9/25/18 In this unit, you are learning about how perception affects social situations. Schemata such as prototypes, personal constructs, stereotypes, and scripts can all influence how we communicate. Find an example in the media (commercial, scene in a movie/TV show, etc.) that features two or more of these schemata, and how it influenced the social situation in the media clip.

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[SOLVED] Perception Discussion
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