[SOLVED] Population Based Nursing

Conduct a community assessment of a population-focused healthcare problem using both qualitative and quantitative data. Develop a community-oriented nursing care plan to address the healthcare needs of a population. Explain basic epidemiological concepts that nurses employ to provide population-based healthcare including, risk assessment, levels of prevention, and the causation model of disease and illness. Design a model to evaluate the effectiveness and outcomes of a population based nursing intervention. Below is my discussion board write up on the above questions and I chose MCOT-Mobile crisis outreach as an agency to work with on this project. Pleasee read all below before you start. currently, healthcare delivery is challenged by the COVID 19 pandemic,  because of physical restrictions that are in place to stop the spread of the virus.  COVID 19 also has affected special population groups such as people with a history of drug use, alcohol abuse,  family and neighborhood violence, emotional disorders, learning problems.   As per (Vecchio, et al., 2020) populations with a history of opioid use disorder (OUD) face risks such as social stigma,  drug use behaviors, and lack of access to health care.  They have physical and mental commodities, that require the need for specialized healthcare facilities.  To improve care delivery to this population. education on hand washing,  provide emotional support via video telehealth, assess for the availability of televised services,  provide for community resources for telehealth services, assess for the high-risk individuals who require rehabilitation services,  provide masks, sanitizers, and essential information on COVID 19,  prescheduled care services with social distancing measures,  plan on home delivery of medications.  According to (Vecchio, et al., 2020)  There is some drawback to providing access to medications at home as such could result in risks of overdose,  consumption, and sharing with others, misuse and diversion rate could increase. Long-acting buprenorphine products for opioids dependence patients will prove to be effective during this COVID 19 crisis,  ensuring safety with the stay at home measures. Texas Department of Health and Human Services with the collaboration of  community-based agency such as lifepath systems which have a goal of building stronger communities provides  The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) which offers mental health specialized assistance and coordinate care during a crisis.  MCOT offers rapid over the phone sometimes in-person assessment, transport individuals to a safe environment where they  can stabilize, linking the individuals to appropriate services that would be required to return to normal functioning.  Ongoing coordination of services such as counseling, detox, medications management, and access to a psychiatrist even when not insured.  This offers OUD individuals a non judgmental environment where they can seek help safely.

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[SOLVED] Population Based Nursing
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