[SOLVED] 18th and 19th Century Humanities

pick one of the questions answered it and below type two generic responses to anyone of the questions. thanks Please choose ONE of the following questions and answer in one complete paragraph of 5-7 sentences (150-170 words). Be sure to give adequate examples from the chapter to support your answer. This is due at 11:59pm on Tuesday, November 3rd, and then respond/comment to two answers from other students, in two to three sentences (40-60 words) each, by 11:59pm on Thursday, November 5th. 1. “The key to romanticism is feeling and intense experience.” Discuss in relation to any aspects of the art and music of the nineteenth century. 2. What aspects of heroism can be found in the art and music of the nineteenth century? Cite specific examples from the chapter. 3. Was romanticism an exclusively Western phenomenon? What aspects of Chinese, Indian, or African culture might be called romantic? 4. Some say that ballet was the ultimate expression of the romantic imagination. Others would argue that grand opera more fully captures that imagination. Discuss and/or debate. 5. With reference to his monumental opera, The Ring, Wagner once assured a fellow composer: “The thing shall sound in such a fashion that people shall hear what they cannot see.” In what ways does this point of view typify the spirit of romanticism and the attitude of the romantic composer?

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[SOLVED] 18th and 19th Century Humanities
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