[SOLVED] Adolescent Obesity Discussion

Obesity rates are clearly on the rise in the USA. One of the populations most affected by that is adolescents. For this discussion, I would like for you to describe why you think we are seeing such a dramatic increase. Be sure to include nutrition in your discussion. Also, what role do you feel parents play in adolescent nutrition? Can you “make” a 14 year old eat their broccoli? Be sure to respond to at least ONE of your fellow classmates original posts.  Please rely to this post in few sentences :  I believe we’re seeing such a drastic rise in teenage obesity due to the technologies and ads that we’re being exposed to. Technology has made some of us lazy and very inactive. Teenagers prefer anything they could easily get, and fast food is one of the things along with simple, microwavable food. Usually fast foods and microwaveable foods are unhealthful but easy choices so people choose to do that. People are not aware of what’s going on in their bodies and the dietary concerns needed for their own health, and people only eat what tastes good without understanding that maybe it’s not as good for their own health. I think parents have a very important role to play in adolescent nutrition. To some degree, they can monitor what their child eats and they can eat healthy choices at home and choose healthier food while shopping. If they don’t bring fast food home, there’s no chance their child will eat it at home. They’re not supposed to cut it out entirely, but at least limit it. You can’t really compel a 14-year old to consume broccoli because if he or she doesn’t like it then that’s understandable, but it will be good for them to realize that it’s beneficial for them to eat healthier choices in the long term.

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[SOLVED] Adolescent Obesity Discussion
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