[SOLVED] Article Analysis

Article analyses: You will analyze this approved newspaper or magazine feature stories to read and analyze the techniques of storytelling, the story itself, and the writing style of each article. The article will be provided for you. I’m looking for a thorough “nuts-and-bolts” analysis of the writing. Think of this as a critique of the work, an analysis of the form, and thinking about why what you read was included in the story. The assignment should include a description of the article and your evaluation of the author’s writing style, research, sources included, storytelling technique, content, story subject, impact, what you did and didn’t like, and over 10 improvements you think the author could have made, make sure the below “nuts and bolts” are answered correctly with great information.  For this first analysis, I am picking the article for you. It is this at this link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-an-ex-cop-rigged-mcdonalds-monopoly-game-and-stole-millions Or you can visit the google doc to see the story https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K3aTubI2LY5sUwmGyiVs5Vkz_KdBCg4n9YdlDNPHpUs/edit?usp=sharing As far as “nuts and bolts” you should consider these questions. ? Briefly, what is the story about? ? What type of lede is in this article? How does it preview what the rest of the story is about? Specifically, how? Give examples of what you mean. ? What sources were included in this article? Why do you think it was important to hear from these particular people for this story? ? Tell me about the quotes that were used. What do the quotes used add to the story? Which quotes made the most impact on you? Why? Who said them? What do you learn about the person from them? ? Did the writer try to recreate any scenes in the story? How did the writer try to put you in that scene? What senses did the writer try to trigger? Was there dialogue? ? How does the author handle moving the story in the sense of time? When does the story start? When, where does the story end? Feature stories don’t have to move chronologically. They don’t have to begin when an event occurs. The story itself can begin as a flashback, a recreation of a scene. Or it can begin in the present day, after a character has gone through what they’ve gone through, but the rest of the story re-tells how they got to the present. I’m expecting about three appropriately formatted pages of analysis. Usually, anything less than that tells me you haven’t put much thought into what you’re writing. Elaborate on an answer. It isn’t enough to say, “Yes, I enjoyed the article.” Why? Have a thought. Give an answer and explain it. I want to read your thoughts on this. You should have thoughts on this. You should be able to think and write about these concepts. These are your opinions. There are practically no wrong answers here. Bad ones, yes, but not necessarily wrong ones. You can misidentify the lede and get that completely wrong, however And, please follow my formatting guidelines. Cannot accept if you don’t follow the below formatting guidelines. The formatting guidelines are: ? 12-point font ? A reasonable font. Arial (what this document uses), Times New Roman, Georgia are acceptable. ? DO NOT USE Courier New. ? Single-spaced, 1.15 or 1.5 space. (A space between paragraphs is OK.) ? No photos or extra formatting.

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[SOLVED] Article Analysis
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