[SOLVED] Bram Stocker’s Dracula

The Assignment For this essay, you will conduct individual research to relate themes in Dracula – such as fear of contagion (vampirism), alienation, the threat of otherness, the uncanny, transgression, science and superstition, etc. – to a contemporary issue, such as the pandemic, immigration, or the socioeconomic divide. What can Dracula teach us about our current problem and how we can deal with it? The Research This essay will require substantial research, which may include scholarly sources that specifically address themes in Dracula, historical research that puts the book in context, and research on contemporary issues. You must include cited information (quotation and paraphrase) from at least 5 sources + Dracula. Your research will involve both primary and secondary sources. ·       Primary Sources include original literary texts and works of art (novels, short stories, poetry, films, etc.), as well as any historical documents from the time period in which the work was created (letters, diary entries, news articles, etc.), and contemporary news articles. ·       Secondary Sources include scholarly books and articles about the literary work, historical information written after the time period in question, and any work that includes researched material in its writing. Though some of your sources may be primary texts you are analyzing or other outside information, at least 3 of your sources must be scholarly sources accessed through the college’s library. The Library Databases will be absolutely crucial for your research.

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[SOLVED] Bram Stocker’s Dracula
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