[SOLVED] Head-start and Cognitive Development

Assignment Details Critique a Child Development Article pertaining to Headstart and/or Early Childhood Education and Interventions. Choose one article from any periodical or journal on one of the following topics: Cognitive development in the young child (age 2 to 6) Language acquisition for the young child (age 2 to 6) Early child education Using the questions listed as follows, write a critique of the article from the viewpoint of a scientist seeking the truth. This paper should be 2 to 3 pages long, double-spaced. Who is the audience for the article (e.g., parents, teachers, adolescents)? What is the topic of the article? What are some examples of information provided? Does the article emphasize heredity (nature) or environment (nurture)? To which domain of child development does it refer (physical, socioemotional, cognitive)? Does the article rely on scientific findings, expert opinion, or case example? Do the conclusions of the article seem valid? In a concluding paragraph(s), give your personal evaluation of what was covered in the article and whether it advances our knowledge and understanding of child development. Furthermore, provide an analysis of how the research relates to current issues in early childhood education.

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[SOLVED] Head-start and Cognitive Development
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