[SOLVED] Modern US History

Modern U.S. History                                            Chapters 21-24   1. What was the basis for economic expansion of the 1920s? Cite examples (21) 2. What is meant social patterns in the Prosperity decade. Be specific: cite examples. 3. What role did the U. S. Play in world affairs during the 1920s? 4. Was this era prosperous for African Americans, women and immigrants? Cite examples: details. 5. Define/identify the following: Henry Ford, A. P. Giannini, Railway Labor Act of 1926 Farm Bloc, and Equal Rights Amendment 6. When was the Great depression and what were the reasons for it? (22) 7. Discuss three programs under New deal 1 and New Deal 2 8. What were the conditions like for women, African Americans and Mexicans during this time?  Be specific: Cite examples. 9. Discuss fully three programs which exist today that came from New Deal 1, and 2: 10. What were the changing roles of women during the Great depression and New Deal? Cite examples. 11. Identify and define the following: a. Reorganization Act of 1934 b. Black Cabinet c. Mary Mcleod Bethune d. Fair Labors Act 12. Analyze how America’s expectation regarding world affairs in the Truman Administration? (24) 13. Discuss the Constraints and choices of the Cold War placed on American Politics and Society: Be specific: examples.

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[SOLVED] Modern US History
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