[SOLVED] Social Mobility and Equality

must ONLY use these sources — The Making of a Teenage Service Class by Ranita Ray AND pdfs that are attached You need to address each one of the parts to successfully complete the essay. Try to use the same logical organization of the essay (a,b,c) to outline your thoughts before writing them down. —- Can you explain some of the factors contributing to gender inequality in America?For example, A)How does culture shape the socialization and even marriage decisions of Latina girls in inner-city, urban areas of America?(Anita Ray)? B)How does culture and racialization, or the way Latino youth are represented in the media or the larger society, affect the higher school aspirations of s and resolution to attend college for these girls? C)Lastly, according to Cahn and Carboneor Andersen, or even Charles Murray, why is marriage such an important mediator of social mobility for women orfor the maintenance of one’s class position? D)To conclude, what kind of marriage markets do educated girlsencounter in cities like New York? How about in nations like the Dominican Republic or Mexico?

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[SOLVED] Social Mobility and Equality
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