[SOLVED] Urgent Care Clinic Planning and Design

We have decided to open a new urgent care clinic on the main campus.  As the new COO of this facility, you are in charge of planning and designing this $10M facility. Describe in detail the following, keeping in mind the Patient Experience in all aspects of the planning and design:   ·      Who is your main clientele? What are the most common diagnosis/treatments this clientele would be seen for in the clinic? ·      Describe the design of your facility. Be very detailed and specific. Cover waiting room(s), reception area, triage/treatment room(s), billing/check out, etc. ·      Describe the staff and staffing model in your facility. ·      Describe an ideal patient encounter from arrival to discharge.   Please be very detailed in each of these responses. Make sure you incorporate information you have learned throughout the semester. Spell check and proofread your document. Use subheadings to break up each section. Your response should be between 1500-2000 words. ——————————————– I have attached multiple files that we were given throughout the semester that may help since we didn’t have a textbook. All these files do not need to be used I just wanted to try to help as much as possible. I also attached the rubric. Thank you very much in advanced! Also there was no format requirement, so please do what you feel is best for this type of assignment/essay.

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[SOLVED] Urgent Care Clinic Planning and Design
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