[SOLVED] Adolescent’s Self Harm

Select a disorder experienced by children or adolescents. Create a fictional client profile that includes age, ethnicity/race, gender, grade level, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, religion, intellectual abilities, physical abilities, and any other areas you think would be important to consider, such as cultural considerations. Your fictional client must have been affected by a traumatic or adverse experience (for example, you decide your client’s parents had an amicable or nasty divorce, that the child suffered from abuse or neglect, or you can choose another adverse experience). Review the Assignment questions that are included in the instructions listed below. Research play therapy or expressive arts interventions that could work with your fictional client. Note: You will need to select a total of three intervention/techniques. Research resources to provide parents/caregivers and teachers to support your identified intervention with the client. Consider how any potential cultural considerations may affect your client and the counseling process Page 1: Create a cover page that provides your fictional client’s profile. The profile must include: The client profile, including age, ethnicity/race, gender, grade level, socio-economic status, where the client lives, whom the client lives with, sexual orientation, religion, intellectual abilities, physical abilities, and any other areas you think would be important to consider, such as cultural considerations A referral reason/concern Pages 2–4: Create a 1-page bulleted outline for each of the three interventions/technique. Each outline must include: A brief written description of the technique or intervention and its expected benefits The materials required to implement the technique or intervention A 1-paragraph rationale as to why this intervention is helpful for your fictional client Include the relevant unique characteristics of the child/adolescent that would make this technique appropriate, for example, a child who likes to create, an adolescent who likes to read, a child who likes to be physically active, an adolescent who has difficulty or opening conversations with peers. Include any cultural considerations and whether age range is a factor and why (or why not). At least one peer-reviewed research article citation that supports your rationale to use this intervention One resource to provide a teacher of your client Include the resource in your paper as an Appendix, if it is a handout. If your resource is a website or a book reference, make sure to include the link to access the information. Write a 1-paragraph email to the teacher explaining why this resource supports the client. Pages 5–6: Create an infographic for each of the three interventions/technique to provide parents/caregivers that should include: One resource to provide parents/caregivers An explanation for why this resource supports parents/caregivers and the child/adolescents  A cover page with a client profile Three 1-page bulleted outlines for the interventions/techniques Three infographics for the interventions/technique to provide parents/caregivers

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[SOLVED] Adolescent’s Self Harm
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