[SOLVED] Caillebot Artwork Fundamentals

The Caillebot painting (this list only applies to the Caillebot artwork): Line: Are there actual and/or implied lines in the artwork?  What do lines communicate? Are the lines regular or irregular?  Do the lines express any emotions? Do the lines direct your eye through the work? Shape: How does the artist use shape? Geometric and/ or organic shapes?  Implied shapes? How does the artist use the Principle of Contrast (positive and negative shapes)? Value: Are there any significant value changes (changes in degrees of lightness or darkness in the work?  If so, why did the artist use value in this way?  Does the artist use hatching or cross hatching to create value? Space/Perspective: Many two-dimensional art attempts to create the illusion of three-dimensionality using several techniques. Consider any technique the artist uses to create a sense of depth like the following: size, overlapping, and position?  Does the artist alter value and texture? Brightness and color?  Does the artist use atmospheric, linear, or isometric perspective?  Where is the focal point in the artwork? Color: Refer to the color wheel and note what hues the artist uses.  Is the artwork monochromatic or does it use many hues?  Doe the artist use light tints of a color or darker shades, or both?  Are the colors saturated?  Do the colors elicit an emotional response from the viewer, or express the emotions of the artist?

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[SOLVED] Caillebot Artwork Fundamentals
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